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Iolo Goch

August 1370

After hearing about what happened at Dinas Brans Tesni wanted to get back and warn Gruffudd ap Madoc of the English army’s maneuvers. Although I saw where she was coming from I was still dying to visit the 1400 to see my hero Owain Glyndwr. You can’t change history! I told her. But all those lives gone to waste, we can help them, she argued, we were both getting cross by this point but neither of us would back down.

We ended up fighting near the time machine and Tesni pushed me over and my head hit the centuary-dial. The last thing I noticed before the time machine started up was the year 1370 displayed on the dashboard screen.


The awful road to Denbigh Fair!

16 August 1370

Today I was traveling along from Llechryd to Denbigh on my new horse Ed. Ed was a bit nervous but I needed to go Denbigh to deliver a poem to Lord Bachymbyd. We had to go past the mill, an ugly noisy building. It is on an uncomfortable stony road with a deep stream to the right, which always makes me a bit nervous (let alone the horse!).

ed's dead!Well as we approached the old mill, Ed got more and more agitated and edgy. Then at the worst possible moment a barn owl flew across our path! This set old Ed off in the wrong direction and straight into a nearby oak tree luckily I was thrown off before he collided with the trunk of the tree. I had a few scrapes and bruises nothing serious, but oh how sad, Ed didn’t make it! I pulled out my harp and played him a farewell song.ballad to ed

Whilst I sang this little ditty, a very grand looking merchant approached. He’d heard my singing and being a lover of music came closer so as to hear better. I finished my song and bowed to the merchant. He thanked me profusely as he was most moved by the music. When he saw Ed he to wanted to know if he could help.

After some thought, he announced he had the answer to all my problems! He offered to return with a new horse within the hour. I was so happy after being so sad. a new horseIn payment he wanted me to write about his daughters forthcoming wedding. Let me tell you! I am a lucky man! A new horse, a new job and another fabulous wedding party to attend! I do love a good knees up!