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Robert Jones. Priest

October 1520

Tesni has been studying a little bit about holy wells in school and I remember my mum showing me a book called Sacred Places which mentioned these wells in Denbighshire and on one Sunday in the summer we visited one in Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch

We had Sunday lunch in the pub near by then went for a walk behind the Church of St. Dyfnog. It was a magical place but long forgotten. Ivy and moss had taken over where people would have once sat and talked, living out their lives hundreds of years ago like all the customers in the noisy pub we had just left. It would be great to see what this would have been like in its heyday.

When back in the time machine we set the dial to c1520 and held on tight! The machine landed us in some thorn bushes. Ouch, ouch, OOOUUCH!!!, we tried to keep our voices down as we clambered out of the machine because we could hear voices nearby. Just ahead of us we saw a motley selection of people queuing to bathe in a much cleaner looking well than I remember from our trip back in our own time and there wasn’t half as much moss. We noticed some of the people looking very ill indeed. Many had walking sticks and crude looking crutches made from thick branches and twine. Some invalids were even being carried by other people, possibly friends or relatives. These people must have believed the well could cure them because, from their accents, I could tell they had come from far and wide to visit this holy place.


My new design

21 October 1520

I did not sleep a wink so excited was I by my good fortune and I spent most of my prayers that evening thanking God for this miracle.

the new stained glass window designThey returned but quietly this time, I was glad as I did not want to alarm the pilgrims who were bathing in the well, and held aloft a scroll of the design nearly 4ft high! Oh it exceeded my expectations, the colours glowed in the afternoon sun. I could not thank them enough and couldn’t wait to deliver the scroll to the craftsman I had in mind in Ruthin he would have quite a job indeed,

I will never forget my young visitors and often wonder whether they were angels sent from above to help me.

Visitors from the future!

18th October 1520

What a strange and wonderful day today! As I was strolling around the church grounds pondering the construction of our window, I heard a strange rustling in the trees and saw the most amazing shiny red object on wheels. At first I was frightened and thought it the devil’s work but the next moment I heard a cheeky voice say ‘Hello’ There was a boy and a girl in the most unusual colorful clothes.

Robert Jones meets Cai and TesniThey asked me why I was looking so deep in thought. I explained to them I could not find a designer for the window. They said they may be able to help me. I must tell you I was skeptical, they were but children! But I took them back to my home and gave them some food.

While they were eating they began to explain where they were from. They said they were from the future! I was dumbfounded but as I listened I had no choice than to believe them, how else could I explain their attire and the shiny machine and noise?

They told me they would be able to help me find a designer if I wrote down what I imagined the window should look like. That was easy as I had thought of nothing else for weeks it had to be the finest glass window in Wales, and I wanted it to depict the Tree of Jesse. They looked puzzled so I explained that the Tree of Jesse is a picture of Jesus Christ’s ancestors all the way back to Jesse. Again they look puzzled but when I explained that Jesse was the father of David who killed the giant Goliath their eyes lit up and they nodded happily. I carried on with my description:

At the bottom Jesse would lie asleep in his garden and then from him would spring a tree with many branches to depict a family tree of Christ’s kingly ancestors with King David holding his harp in the middle.

The children seemed quite excited, whispering to each other and pointing over at the church. They said they would return the following day and meet me by the well!

A new window

12 October 1520

Our holy well has been very popular this year, I think word of mouth has spread and pilgrims are travelling from as far as Pembrokeshire to cure ‘scabs and the itch’ but some have said it cures smallpox and even dumbness and deafness.Holy well

Because of the grateful pilgrims our donation box became so heavy. When we counted it I was amazed by how much we had collected. We will now be able to furnish the church with the stained glass window I had dreamed of. A design of astounding beauty as would befit a depiction of the crucifixion of Our Lord.

The only problem is I don’t know who could design such a window. I have heard of people in England and France who may be able but I am without means to travel to them or get in contact.