Attack on Lord Grey!

28th September 1400

off to war

I declared myself Prince of Wales on Sept 16th 1400. A date that, I’ll bet, will change the course of history! We will force the English out of Wales.

At the moment I am collecting support for my attack on the thieving Lord Grey of Ruthin. After hearing word of my campaign, many supporters have arrived. Hundreds of people have returned to Wales from England where they worked or studied. We will all meet tomorrow on my mound.

Among all the men two small children have turned up and they are full of enthusiasm for my campaign! They are funny looking creatures and they wear the strangest clothes! The beg me to let them take part. They have no idea of the danger they are in but I agree to let them carry my flag for the first leg of the march as long as they promise to disappear a few miles before we meet Grey.

The plan is to kidnap Grey, I think a ransome for his release of 10 000 Marks, thats £6,600 in today’s money – Ed and destroy his army. We will attack Ruthin and burn it to the ground! It is market day tomorrow and people will be off their guard. Ha! That will show those English idiots.