Visitors from the future!

18th October 1520

What a strange and wonderful day today! As I was strolling around the church grounds pondering the construction of our window, I heard a strange rustling in the trees and saw the most amazing shiny red object on wheels. At first I was frightened and thought it the devil’s work but the next moment I heard a cheeky voice say ‘Hello’ There was a boy and a girl in the most unusual colorful clothes.

Robert Jones meets Cai and TesniThey asked me why I was looking so deep in thought. I explained to them I could not find a designer for the window. They said they may be able to help me. I must tell you I was skeptical, they were but children! But I took them back to my home and gave them some food.

While they were eating they began to explain where they were from. They said they were from the future! I was dumbfounded but as I listened I had no choice than to believe them, how else could I explain their attire and the shiny machine and noise?

They told me they would be able to help me find a designer if I wrote down what I imagined the window should look like. That was easy as I had thought of nothing else for weeks it had to be the finest glass window in Wales, and I wanted it to depict the Tree of Jesse. They looked puzzled so I explained that the Tree of Jesse is a picture of Jesus Christ’s ancestors all the way back to Jesse. Again they look puzzled but when I explained that Jesse was the father of David who killed the giant Goliath their eyes lit up and they nodded happily. I carried on with my description:

At the bottom Jesse would lie asleep in his garden and then from him would spring a tree with many branches to depict a family tree of Christ’s kingly ancestors with King David holding his harp in the middle.

The children seemed quite excited, whispering to each other and pointing over at the church. They said they would return the following day and meet me by the well!