Blog Entries by Robert of Rhuddlan

New Slaves!

15th November 1070

Robert of Rhuddlan's Slaves

Low and behold the following afternoon when I was about to strike up and order for their execution they turn up with a line of people, some are very sorry looking. I’m not sure whether I will get any work out of these slaves, however I need all the hands I can get to finish this castle so I paid the little blighters with gold coins!jumping castles for sale

I have invited them to return when the work is completed. They will then see the great french castle in its all its glory, the height of military technology!

Interrogating the prisoners

14th November 1070

My men were unable to decifer the magic behind this strange humming contraption or indeed to what manner of witchery it would be employed.

time travellersI had no choice but to release our prisoners for questioning. How else would I get to the bottom of this puzzle (and use them to my advantage!)

Under interrogration, the 2 young sorcerers explained they had journeyed from the future, and that this strange, red, beast was their craft. What powerful magic! I agree to release them if they give unto me what I desire. I want slaves! To finish this castle and get out of the miserable mud I need more slaves. I let them go but told them if I did not hear from them by the following night my soldiers will hunt them down and kill them!

I would of course keep their red steed. Ha! do they think I’d let them get away that easily!

wizardry in conwy valley

13th November 1070

Now, I’m not a firm believer in wizards or sorcery of any kind, but today I met two people who have bent my thoughts. They appeared to us today when my cortege and I were on our way to investigate Conwy valley, a young maiden and a master of intolerable fashion sense. They both wore trousers, tight and long, and on their upper body, sported dazzling white tunics of a most unusual design. One had dazzling golden hair and the other one’s hair stuck straight up like some kind of startled hedgehog

time machine in conway valleyThey had with them some sort of transportation device but how it was powered I do not know, there was not a filly in site. The wheels were small and surrounded by a sort of leather cushioning. The finish to the outer skin was remarkable. It was made of a light shiny material that shone a bright, bright red like a sunset or a fist full of wild berries, magnificent!

My men jumped at the sight of the thing, yet I, Robert the Brave, and my two enormous body guards stepped forward to inspect the magical device. It was unnaturally warm to the touch. Clearly these two sorcerers and their machine possessed great power.

I decided to enlist these magic makers to help me with my building works. (Although they do not know this yet. Muhuhuhaha!)

I ordered my men to take them back to our camp to discover more about their powers. I’m hoping they will prove to be very useful in my conquering of this land.