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New soap, it smells so fresh!

02 July 1450

What a palava today! The pigs ate all our soap. We couldn’t tell the Lady of the house as we’d get into deep trouble. The man who sells the soap only comes around once a month. We are in a dilemma, I could face the sack if the laundry is not ready in time, I really need this job because my family is relying on the money.

We were just wondering where else we could get some even contemplating making some from the fat of the pigs who got us into this mess in the first place! Suddenly Nia returns from the town square with an excited red face. She’d met these two young people.

What happened was she was taking a chicken over to a neighbour and tripped over a bucket. The chicken got loose and ran down the road. A few of us were giggling behind our hands imagining Nia running after the chicken! Well anyway, the boy helped her catch the chicken and they got talking. In the course of their conversation she told him about the problem we had had with the greedy pigs that morning but then she suddenly realised the time and had to dash off to take the chicken to Mrs Dillena Llwyd before dinner.

As she was telling the story two heads appeared over the wall. It was the two children. What a strange pair they were! They said they’d been thinking about the missing soap and that they were sure they had a solution to our problem. Well, I can tell you now, I’m a bit suspicious of quacks and charlatans so I questioned them further. They then started mumbling about an iron horse and a place called a super market or some such nonsense. At this point Nia elbowed me in the ribs and told them how grateful we were etc etc. She was right to of course we really had no choice!

They told us to count to ten and close our eyes. You’d never believe what happened next! When we opened our eyes they were standing there with some sweet smelling bars of soap.

How did they do it? I didn’t have time to ask too many questions. We all set to scrubbing and squeezing and hanging out to dry, the two children helped out for a while. Eventually they seemed to tire so Nia sent them to the kitchen to get a hot game pie she had prepared that morning, then off they went.

How marvelous this soap is! Its much better than soap we usually have which is made of ash and animal fat. It makes the clothes so clean and fresh smelling. Master John and Mistress Holland will be pleased.