Old Blue Stockings

June 1646

To appease my desire to visit somewhere more scarier we decided to visit Colonel Salesbury (AKA Old Blue Stockings) who is holding a siege at Denbigh Castle! Tesni was a bit worried that this was a dangerous thing to do but I managed to convince her that we could escape at any time in our time machine! We landed in the courtyard and, wow, what a noise! The castle was in the middle of being bombarded by cannons from the outside.

At that point I wasn’t so sure that we had made a good decision in going there! We walked cautiously up some steps where we were once again grabbed unceremoniously by some soldiers and dragged to the dungeons for questioning! Are you spies? One soldier barked at us, who do you work for? shouted another, eyeing our clothes suspiciously. We tell them our story and I think they were so battle weary from all the bombardment from the Cromwellians that they did not question us too much but to stop them pointing their swords at us I promised that we could get them another cannon.

I don’t think they totally believed us but they must have felt they had nothing to lose from letting us go! Within minutes we were free and we headed back to the time machine. Just where are we going to get a cannon Cai?, said fuming Tesni (she wasn’t happy) as we strapped ourselves in. I wasn’t so desperate to go back to the castle and the siege either, but I’d felt compelled to keep our part of the deal. Just trust me, I tried to reassure Tesni, but she didn’t look too convinced.

I decided to take the time machine to the Cromwell Museum, 2007, in Cambridge (where I went last summer on holiday with my Dad) I set the dial to land in the middle of the night and found just the beauty I was looking for! This is nuts! Says Tesni, but before you could say ‘Burglar alarm’ we had tied it onto the time machine and were off to keep our end of the bargain.

We set the dial and landed back the next day. We hoisted the cannon up and we see Colonel Salesbury -Old Blue Stocking’s himself for the first time giving orders in one of the towers!

Old Blue Stocking / yr Hen Hosanau Gleision
We quickly disappear as we realise this is a very dangerous place to be and I long for the comfort of 2007 again in Denbighshire! From our history books we see he held out for another month after the date we took him the cannon!

We also noticed news reports about a very strong thief who had taken a medieval cannon from a museum in Cambridge … woops!