What will we do about Flossie?

17th June 1150

poorly sheep

Now, yesterday I was doing my usual round of the flock, you know, making sure all my sheep were well and happy, when I noticed Flossie looking bad. She wasn’t standing properly and then I noticed the other sheep were looking a little off colour too. Oh but Flossie! She did look bad, bless her, Well, I decided to have a think, see, and after a breakfast of barley bread, some sheeps milk cheese and vegetable stew, I had another check. But Flossie’s condition had just gotten worse, and only in the space of an hour. If this carried on I was going to lose here by teatime.

I remembered old Ifor from the village uses special herbs for his sheep with great success. But I couldn’t remember what they were. I wished I could go to the village to get advice but we’re so far down the valley I wouldn’t be back until it was too late anyway right. So we were right stuck.

My wife and I have faced worse of course. Had three young children once, lost them to the plague. Tragic! They were so young. But that’s been and gone now see, its today we wants to think about and today I have a sick sheep. If it spreads amongst the flock my wife and I have lost everything. Absolutely everything.

So, as I pondered what to do, two figures in bight clothing came over the hillside. They said howdoyoudo! And I told them about Flossie and the mess I was in. They were only children, I didn’t expect them to understand, but the boy did have a good imagination. They said they were from a future time, right, and the boy claimed his uncle was, get a load of this, an animal doctor. What an imagination. A doctor for animals, that’ll be the day!

Then the girl said they could cure my sheep and they were off in a flash. Well, I could not see how these two children were going to help Flossie. We can only hope.