Hope from the future?

25 June 1646

Thing are getting really tough! Our water and food supply is getting fairly low so everything is rationed which is a shame as a good square meal might help raise my soldiers spirits. But this afternoon things took a very strange turn, a turn, I hope, for the better!

I was just worrying about how we were going to defend against the bombardment today. Our firing capabilities are very limited. What I really needed was a cannon to start bombarding those numbskulls down there! When suddenly there was a flash of lightening.

My first thought was our enemy had developed new weapons, but to my astonishment two young people came up the stairs of the west tower! How on earth did they get into the castle? There must be a secret passage I didn’t know about. (note to self; check out secret passages).

captured by old blue stockingWell, we took them to the dungeons to question. They tell me they are from the future! I thought I’d heard it all before but this devilry? I do not know? They tell me if I set them free they will be able to get me another cannon. How can this be? We are so desperate my confidants and advisors tell me we have nothing to loose other than free them and see if their magic works.