Idris & Haf

June 1150

Once the machine was back in our hands we couldn’t wait to try the dial again. We ended up in a meadow on a beautiful day! We played tig for a bit until that got boring and we decided to go and investigate some smoke we could see rising from a field in the distance.

When we got nearer we saw an elderly gentleman hunched over his very ill looking sheep. We went over to talk to him. He said his name was Idris. We got chatting about his life and stuff. It was really interesting to find out how people lived back then!

He explained to us how he and his wife, Haf, lost all their children when they were babies and because of this, he cherishes his sheep almost like they were his own children and doesn’t want to loose them as well. After all, back then the sheep you kept were the clothes you wore and the meat you had for dinner. No supermarkets! We felt so sorry for him and his wife we thought we’d try and help them.

Sheep in the hafod

We came back to the future to pick up some special sheep medicine from my uncle who’s a vet in Bala. Handy! When we got back with a hyperdermic needle and some medicine. We showed Idris how to administer the needle. (I know how to do it cos I helped my uncle last summer). Idris was amazed!

Flossie (his favourite of all the flock) soon perked up and was on her feet by the time it got dark. Idris and Haf were really nice and gave us tea of oat biscuits and a piece of fatty bacon even though they were very poor themselves. We tried to hide the fact that the food was disgusting!