Idris & Haf’s Profile


Mr Morgan the Shepherd

Occupation: Shepherds
Nationality: Welsh
Dwelling: Shepherd hut in the mountain Yr Hafod
Loves: Harvest festival
Hates: Taxes
Looking for: A cure for sick sheep

About us:

We shepherds don’t have much in the way of money, you see. Sheep is what we have, yes. Only a small amount but its enough.
They live with us, see. and keep us nice and warm, keep shoes on our feet and our bellies nice and full. And if we need to buy other goods we can barter with a fat healthy sheep.

It’s a hard slog to keep everything going but we’re happy. And in the summer time we stay in our hut on the mountain. This is called a Hafod and is high up and a long walk from the nearest village.