Owain Glyndwr Profile

Owain Glyndwr – I’m the Prince of Wales!

Owain Glyndwr

Occupation: National hero
Nationality: Welsh
Dwelling: Splendid Manor house near Corwen
Loves: Hunting
Sitting by the fire with a good puzzle
Hates: Spiders and warm beer
Looking for: New flag with his arms

About me!

I am rich and own lands stretching across Denbighshire. I live on my estate which has orchards, a vineyard, a mill and a forest for hunting deer. I have a beautiful wife Margaret, 6 strong sons and 5 charming daughters.

I went to college in London and have a distinguished service record with the English armies and navies. But don’t forget, I’m a Welsh noble man with royal blood. I am related to three Welsh royal families!