Prince Gruffudd ap Madog

May 1260

This time we set the timer to visit Dinas Bran as we have studied this in school and wanted what it was like when it was new and not an old ruin.

We got the dates slightly mixed up and went back to when the Castle was just being built. We ended up having to hide our time machine and spent the night in the town of Llangollen which was nearby. How different it is from the place we know today. There was no proper road back then, just dirt tracks, and the houses looked pretty rough. I couldn’t believe my favourite ice cream shop wasn’t there! What was there to do?

With no hotels or B&B’s to stay at we ended up spending a very uncomfortable night in a hay barn. In the morning we were awoken by soldiers! Once again we were captured and taken to a camp. Just our luck!

On the way there I could over hear a soldier complaining about the lack of good stone to build Dinas Bran with. I’m starting to get used to this, I said to Tesni. When we arrived at the camp the main guard accused us of being witches and, remembering what they did to people they thought were witches back then, I quickly told them that we were from far away and could maybe help them build the castle in some way. He wanted to know how we could help. I must admit I hadn’t thought that one through so I struggled to answer him. Luckily Tesni came to my rescue and said her uncle owns a quarry that mines a very fine stone (Big fibber!). She said she’d talk to him if they set us free. The soldier laughed but told Gruffudd Ap Madog anyway.

The King must have been so desperate for some good stone that he agreed to let us go. I don’t like this, said the guard as he untied us, but orders are orders. Be off with you!

Not very polite I thought, but we did as we were told!

We spoke to a servant in the Kings court who told us his cousin works in a quarry but the stones are too heavy and too far away to transport. We then had an idea if we could get some super duper fuel we may be able to transport the rocks with our time machine. We ask him for all the potatoes they have ( we need potatoes to fuel the time machine ) … but he didn’t know what we were taking about! They’d never heard of this vegetable called a potato (potatoes didn’t come to the UK until at least 1600). Instead we decided to try apples as they had loads of them. They worked a treat!

Dinas Bran
After quite a few trips the stones were finally transported from the quarry in Ruabon to the site of Dinas Bran ready to use. Gruffudd was delighted and very surprised that we kept our side of the bargain. This will save so much time, he told us, for even with my man power its nearly impossible to shift so much stone so quickly, thank you!

We were awarded with our freedom and even got to enjoy a medieval banquet in our honour. Prince Gruffudd ap Madoc was very pleased indeed with his new stone and toasted us many times.
Dinas Bran
When we returned home Tesni looked up the story of the castle of Dinas Bran but was sad to find that it had been stormed by the English and burnt to the ground a few years after it was built. Find out more about Dinas Bran.