Robert Jones Profile

Priest of St Dyfnog

Robert Johns

Occupation: Priest
Nationality: Welsh
Dwelling: Priest Quarters
Loves: God…oh and a nice glass of mead..and practical jokes
Hates: To see suffering, the dreaded wart and sprouts
Looking for: A design for our new window

About me!

I am the Priest at the Church of St Dyfnog. We are very lucky has we have been blessed with a holy well. I have seen many miracles of this well, it cures scabs and the itch, smallpox and even dumbness. Thousands of people come from miles around to bathe in the waters. The richer pilgrims have offered donations for the magical healing powers of the well. I have decided that we should honour St Dyfnog with a marvellous stained glass window. All I need is a design as a local craftman has offered to build it.