Robert of Rhuddlan

November 1070

Neither Tesni or I had ever time traveled before so neither of us had any idea what to expect. When the machine finally stopped we found ourselves in the middle of a forest, but where was this forest, and when?!?

We jumped from the time machine to take a look around. There was this banging like you’d here from a building site coming from somewhere. We decided to investigate. Ulp! We were trying to look through the trees to where the noise was coming from, when suddenly a large hand grabs us from behind. We get dragged roughly through the woods and find ourselves thrown unceremoniously into a tent.

At this point we were both feeling really scared. We spent a very uncomfortable few hours on the cold damp floor until suddenly we get called. For the second time we are roughly transported, this time to a camp where a soldier tells us we are about to meet Robert of Rhuddlan, ‘so tidy your weird looking clothes’, he grunts to us.

When we were pushed in front of the king he demanded we show him some magic as apparently they found our time travel machine (I was really hoping they wouldn’t damage it as we would be stuck in the 11th Century forever!!). Anyway, we couldn’t help noticing that there weren’t many workers on his work force so (bright spark!) Tesni decided to strike a deal with Robert, we would find him some slaves if he’d let us go. The king agrees and lets us go, but he holds our machine as insurance.

We wandered about a bit and then we see what must have been a jail nearby. We manage to sneak in by bribing one of the guards. Phew medieval prisons are dark and smelly! Anyway we ask the prisoners whether they would prefer to be outdoors helping to build a castle or stay in jail. Loads of them jump at the chance of a bit of fresh air!

When we get back to the building site with a load of new workers, Robert of Rhuddlan was really pleased. As well as letting us go he also gave us a handful of gold coins! Wow!

Luckily, while we were on the way back to the building site we’d been chatting to our new friends from the jail and found out about their families and life in the village. It’s sounds pretty tough living in the 11th Century. So when Robert pays us we made sure the prisoners families got some coins each. We felt a bit like Robin Hood!

Robert of Rhuddlan's Slaves