The Denbigh Castle Seige

16 June 1646

seige of denbigh castle

We are three months into a siege at Denbigh Castle against Cromwelian attack. They’ve been pounding my castle walls with cannons for days now. Well let them carry on if they like, we won’t give up! This English castle has stood for 400 years and after my repairs it will stand for 400 more!

I finished repairing Denbigh Castle a while ago for our Majesty King Charles I. We are in the midst of the civil war to stop Oliver Cromwell taking power from the King and giving to the ordinary people. They call it democracy! Pah! Ridiculous idea!

Anyway, the castle will play a key part in our campaign to stop those sniveling parliamentarians taking over. I invited King Charles over last autumn to see my handy work. He was long over due a visit to Wales. And to be honest with you I needed to have words with him about his strategy. I treated him to 2 hours of my famous plain speaking.

I maybe an old man now but I’ve been around and know a thing or two. As a young man I lived an exciting life on the open sea. But when I returned from my travels I found my family estates run down and in debt. Since then I have worked hard for thirty years to bring it back to the grandeur of my ancestors.

I absolutely refuse to give up the fruits of my labour to those low down Parliamentarians!