Flossie’s better!

18th June 1150

Sure enough the young friends returned and out of a small bag pulled something they liked to call a Hypodermic needle. It was the shiniest thing I had ever seen and when the boy stabbed it into a small bottle he pulled back a kind of lever and the needle filled with water. Water?! I says, what’s water gonna do Flossie’s not long had a drink. But the boy said it was special water and he explained to me that he was going to stick it into Flossy and make here better. Well he couldn’t make her worse, so I let him go ahead.

Sheep in the hafod meadowBy supper-time Flossy and the others were on the mend. What a blessing these two weird young folk had been. They have been kind enough to save my Flossy and probably the whole flock. I owe those kids my life.

By way of thanks we give them the best food we have in the house, some fatty bacon and some oatmeal biscuits. But from their faces I am not sure they enjoyed this feast as much as we did!