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Prince Gruffudd ap Madog

May 1260

This time we set the timer to visit Dinas Bran as we have studied this in school and wanted what it was like when it was new and not an old ruin.

We got the dates slightly mixed up and went back to when the Castle was just being built. We ended up having to hide our time machine and spent the night in the town of Llangollen which was nearby. How different it is from the place we know today. There was no proper road back then, just dirt tracks, and the houses looked pretty rough. I couldn’t believe my favourite ice cream shop wasn’t there! What was there to do?

With no hotels or B&B’s to stay at we ended up spending a very uncomfortable night in a hay barn. In the morning we were awoken by soldiers! Once again we were captured and taken to a camp. Just our luck!

On the way there I could over hear a soldier complaining about the lack of good stone to build Dinas Bran with. I’m starting to get used to this, I said to Tesni. When we arrived at the camp the main guard accused us of being witches and, remembering what they did to people they thought were witches back then, I quickly told them that we were from far away and could maybe help them build the castle in some way. He wanted to know how we could help. I must admit I hadn’t thought that one through so I struggled to answer him. (more…)

New fine building stone!

7th May 1260

Oh great gads, they have come back! A huge commotion on the building site! There are crates and crates of stone.
new stone

How happy I am that my friends were true to their word but I cannot understand how such children can do this! It is a miracle and I am overjoyed, I hope I can repay them enough.We will certainly have a huge banquet in one of my tents that evening in their honour!

Building Dinas Bran

7th May 1260

Castle buildingThe castle is really coming on but I have a problem. I could really do with some fine stone! The area is rich with limestone which I can use as mortar and the hill is made of shale from which I can build most of the castle but I need stronger sandstone for the structural work. It will be costly to buy and deliver the stone from further afield (I believe there is a place near Ruabon), and then I have to arrange the transportation up the hill!

This will be some construction job indeed however I will take advice from my friendly neighbours as this has to be done.

This morning I heard news from one of my messengers of finding some strange contraption in the fields below the hill, it appeared to be a vehicle of some sort of the like I have never seen before. I ordered my soldiers to go searching the surrounding areas and be vigilant of any strangers.

Some strange visitors

Luckily I did as this afternoon my soldiers captured two children dressed in clothes I have never seen before they appear to be the owners of the vehicle. After further questioning they explain they are from another time. I am suspicious of this as I do not care for gryffydd ap madocwitchcraft. They ask if we can strike a bargain. If they get me anything I ask for, I will set them free.

Aha now I know I will get them, how can they possible guess what I need!

I tell them I need tons of fine stone!

They do not seemed phased by this request and I am again suspicious. I agree to let them go if they return tomorrow with the stone. I know this is impossible but they have humoured me and made the last few days more interesting.

I am resigned to the fact I will not see these tricksters again.

Dinas Bran!

a site for my new castle

Spring 1260

Site for Dinas Bran CastleI have found the most marvelous hill to build my new castle. The north side is so steep it will be an asset to us and it gives me a viewpoint for miles all around. I am going to use nature to help me it is perfect for the site of my castle. I have decided to call it Dinas bran!

There seems a huge amount of crows around and I think the name russian woman is suitable for keeping away the enemy. I believe this site may have been used before as there seems to be some signs of a settlement lower down.

I have the perfect plan for my castle with plans for a gate house and a keep and I intend to have a huge ditch around the south and east side of the castle to discourage any unwelcome visitors!