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Bishop William Morgan

March 1588

Something I’ve always wanted to visit was the Spanish armada but I think Tesni had been messing about with the dials because when I tried to key in the time sequence we ended up in a much different place. Tesni pretended she didn’t know what had gone wrong but I knew the armada was the last place she wanted to go. Too dangerous, she would say. That’s why I wanna go! I would tell her but, never mind.

Where were we then? Tesni explained that we seemed to have landed in St Asaph, 1588. Hang on, I said, isn’t this the year Bishop William Morgan first translated the bible into Welsh. Suddenly I had forgotten about the Spanish war ships. We just had to meet this historic Welshman!

After wandering around the town for a while we found ourselves outside a library. Just then we noticed that Seren the cat was rubbing herself against our ankles. We figured that she must have sneaked into the time Machine again! She is a naughty cat! Off she ran ahead of us through a crack in the Library door. We followed her through the big wooden doors and into the library’s quiet interior.


A new Greek/Welsh dictionary!

March 28 1588

I was having a very frustrated afternoon in my library and suffering from a severe bout of writers block. I thought my Greek language skills would suffice but unfortunately I am lacking in quite a few words. As I looked around for inspiration I realize what a mess my study is there are scraps of paper everywhere! I began to wonder if it was time tidy up before my housekeeper comes back when I was suddenly aware of purring in my ear and I was surprised to see a black and white cat sitting on the back of my chair.Writers block!

Then I hear some scuffling in the corridor and some giggling and two heads appear around the side of the door. Much to my was a boy and a girl wearing really rather strange attire. I wondered whether to be cross but I was quite glad of the diversion as the afternoon was not going very well at all.

I asked them what they were doing in my house and they said they had arrived from another time they explained how their grandfather had invented this contraption which could take them to any year they wished! Imagine they came to see me how flattering!

The young lady Tesni mentioned that even though this was the year of the Spanish armada they had wanted to arrive somewhere safer. Her young friend Cai looked a bit disgruntled but Tesni went on to explain that they had been studying my work on the bible in their history lessons! Imagine that people still know of me in the future, how incredible this encounter I can hardly believe it.

They said that they were hungry and needed some money to buy some food and lodging as the contraption in which they travelled needed some more fuel and they would have to wait for morning to sort out the problem. They asked me if I needed anything and I suddenly remembered my difficulties with greek! I explained that I had been set back in my translation work and a dictionary would make my work so much quicker. Would there be such a thing as a Greek-Welsh dictionary in the future? They though they might be. I agreed to give them some money now to help pay for their needs today and some more later if they could return with a dictionary. They seemed fairly confident that they would be able to do so.

new greek welsh dictionaryBy the following week I had given up hope of ever seeing my strange visitors again when I heard a familiar giggling and here they were again holding aloft a dictionary oh how happy I was and how relieved I would be able to continue with my work!