New gold leaf …sort of!

April 12 1203

I was sitting in the garden to today working with some different colours. It is so frustrating knowing how much more beautiful my work could be if I had gold leaf. Anyhow, I was just thinking that perhaps it was a test from the lord to challenge my patience, when I hear some movement in the bushes. Two heads pop up, a boy and a girl! This was very strange a few miles away from Llangollen and usually left in peace I was confused! How did they get here, I wondered to myself, were they lost?

They explained to me they come from another time! This confuses me even more as it makes no sense, but I know from the fashions they were that they were wearing, there is something extraordinary about them.

They asked me why I am sad and I explained to them about the gold leaf situation. They grin at each other and tell me they will back this evening. I said good bye to them in wonder and turned back to my work.

new ink!Well I could hardly believe it! That evening low and behold they arrive with pots and pots of paint, in all different colours , which I can use to finish my manuscript. Although they could not manage to get any gold leaf they brought gold paint which I can use instead. I am delighted with my kind gift and I will remember this strange encounter as long as I live although I still cannot explain it!

What an amazing place the future must be to have paint so readily available and which keeps so fresh in these pots!