Interrogating the prisoners

14th November 1070

My men were unable to decifer the magic behind this strange humming contraption or indeed to what manner of witchery it would be employed.

time travellersI had no choice but to release our prisoners for questioning. How else would I get to the bottom of this puzzle (and use them to my advantage!)

Under interrogration, the 2 young sorcerers explained they had journeyed from the future, and that this strange, red, beast was their craft. What powerful magic! I agree to release them if they give unto me what I desire. I want slaves! To finish this castle and get out of the miserable mud I need more slaves. I let them go but told them if I did not hear from them by the following night my soldiers will hunt them down and kill them!

I would of course keep their red steed. Ha! do they think I’d let them get away that easily!