Bishop William Morgan

March 1588

Something I’ve always wanted to visit was the Spanish armada but I think Tesni had been messing about with the dials because when I tried to key in the time sequence we ended up in a much different place. Tesni pretended she didn’t know what had gone wrong but I knew the armada was the last place she wanted to go. Too dangerous, she would say. That’s why I wanna go! I would tell her but, never mind.

Where were we then? Tesni explained that we seemed to have landed in St Asaph, 1588. Hang on, I said, isn’t this the year Bishop William Morgan first translated the bible into Welsh. Suddenly I had forgotten about the Spanish war ships. We just had to meet this historic Welshman!

After wandering around the town for a while we found ourselves outside a library. Just then we noticed that Seren the cat was rubbing herself against our ankles. We figured that she must have sneaked into the time Machine again! She is a naughty cat! Off she ran ahead of us through a crack in the Library door. We followed her through the big wooden doors and into the library’s quiet interior.

As we tried to catch Seren we were brought further and further into the building. We shouldn’t be in here, warned Tesni. Then we saw that mischievous cat dart through a hallway and into another room. Quietly we followed and the closer we got to the doorway the more we could hear scribbling sounds and muttering. We peeked around the doorframe and there, sitting at a desk was a gentleman busy working over some papers.

He must have been there a while because we could see scrunched up paper all over the floor. Suddenly Seren jumped onto the back of the man’s chair and he jumped up with a start! When he turned around and saw us we thought he would be angry and we were just about to scarper when his face broke into a smile! He asked us to come in and he tells us he is the Bishop William Morgan.

What were the chances of us coming across him like this just by following Seren! After we introduced ourselves he told us that he is having difficulty translating some of the Greek language in the bible into Welsh. I suddenly have a brainwave and remember that Dad has an old Greek friend who often learnt Welsh words when he came over to visit.

We made our excuses and headed back to the time machine, set it to go back to the future but to Athens this time to where my dads friend Demetrius lives. He wasn’t at home. We went round the back and noticed that the back door had been left open. Now, don’t go thinking I’m a thief or anything, but it was an emergency so we crept in and raided the study. After a few minutes searching we found his copy of a Greek-Welsh dictionary.

You may think this is a bit mean but I’m sure he doesn’t use it that much and it would have taken ages to explain what we were doing there in the first place, besides he wouldn’t have believed us anyway and he would have only phoned our parents and then what would the Bishop have done!
William Morgan

When we returned to St Asaph, 1588, the bishop was amazed and delighted at our gift. With this I can finish translating the bible, he said, stroking his mustache. At that point both Tesni and I felt more than honoured to have helped in this crucial moment in the history for the Welsh language.