Blog Entries by Monk of Vale Crucis

New gold leaf …sort of!

April 12 1203

I was sitting in the garden to today working with some different colours. It is so frustrating knowing how much more beautiful my work could be if I had gold leaf. Anyhow, I was just thinking that perhaps it was a test from the lord to challenge my patience, when I hear some movement in the bushes. Two heads pop up, a boy and a girl! This was very strange a few miles away from Llangollen and usually left in peace I was confused! How did they get here, I wondered to myself, were they lost?

They explained to me they come from another time! This confuses me even more as it makes no sense, but I know from the fashions they were that they were wearing, there is something extraordinary about them.

They asked me why I am sad and I explained to them about the gold leaf situation. They grin at each other and tell me they will back this evening. I said good bye to them in wonder and turned back to my work.

new ink!Well I could hardly believe it! That evening low and behold they arrive with pots and pots of paint, in all different colours , which I can use to finish my manuscript. Although they could not manage to get any gold leaf they brought gold paint which I can use instead. I am delighted with my kind gift and I will remember this strange encounter as long as I live although I still cannot explain it!

What an amazing place the future must be to have paint so readily available and which keeps so fresh in these pots!

Running out of ink

April 05 1203

monk in the monastery
Normally I love my life as a Monk, I love the tranquility of Valle Crucis. Due to the rules dictated by the Cistercians, our Abbey is situated far away from anywhere. It feels safe. We are self sufficient and grow our own food within our luscious gardens. We are taught to read and write at a young age by the older scholars. We are so lucky to have these skills as very few people these days are even able to write their own name!

I have a particular talent for creating manuscripts. I love the attention to detail and all the colours as they merge and flow into patterns on the page. Sometime one page is so detailed it can take months of painstaking work to complete.

Today I am not happy and I feel annoyed at our remoteness as I have run out of gold leaf which I require to finish my current page. I visit the Abbot and tell him of my requirements. He is an understanding man but tells me it will be a few months until he can get more supplies of gold leaf.

A visiting tradesman passes only once or twice a year. I must remember to check the order next time as Father Geraint always underestimates the amount we need.