Iolo Goch

August 1370

After hearing about what happened at Dinas Brans Tesni wanted to get back and warn Gruffudd ap Madoc of the English army’s maneuvers. Although I saw where she was coming from I was still dying to visit the 1400 to see my hero Owain Glyndwr. You can’t change history! I told her. But all those lives gone to waste, we can help them, she argued, we were both getting cross by this point but neither of us would back down.

We ended up fighting near the time machine and Tesni pushed me over and my head hit the centuary-dial. The last thing I noticed before the time machine started up was the year 1370 displayed on the dashboard screen.

Once we got there we forgot all about the argument. There was this man sitting by a river and he was singing a sad song on his harp. Just behind him a horse lies dead by a tree. As we sat and listened to the song we realised the man was singing about the dead horse. It was then that I realise the man is non other than Iolo Goch, a famous welsh poet of that time.

Iolo Goch

While we were watching a man approached. They were close enough for us to over hear the conversation. It turned out the man was a merchant. He offered to buy Iolo Goch a new horse if the poet agrees to write a poem for the Merchant’s daughters forthcoming wedding.