Morris the Monk

April 1203

Our next journey we landed in a peaceful valley but Tesni’s complaining that she’s hungry. I tell her to shut up cos we’d only just eaten but even my mouth started to water when I caught a whiff of cooking coming from somewhere nearby.

Up there, said Tesni pointing down a nearby path. It wasn’t long before we came to a beautiful garden. The ornaments and plant were all set out in a tidy fashion and there was this lovely feeling of calm. A small herb patch filled the air with beautiful smells. Then we hear this lovely music coming from a nearby building.

Tesni explained it must be an Abbey and we made our way over to it. Sitting outside under an archway we see this Monk busy at work on some manuscript. He was so absorbed in his work that he did not hear us. When we get closer we hear him moaning under his breath. It was then that he turned round and saw us approaching.

Moris the Monk
He was really taken back by how we looked and was a bit scared to be honest with you. After he calmed down a bit he says, please excuse me but I’m a little flustered today, then he points at his manuscript and says ‘I’ve run out gold leaf’.

We must have looked baffled because he sighed and explained that gold leaf is a thin sheet of gold paint that the monks used for decorating manuscripts. I then remembered that my Taid had gold paint in his garage so we said goodbye and made our way back to the machine.

Once again we go back to the future and got the paint from Taid’s which was left over from his various inventions. We loaded the time machine with all the pots we could find and when we returned the monk was amazed by the texture and amount of the paint. Its not gold leaf, he said, but this will do nicely.

He told us his name was Morris and he let us watch him do his work which looked so complicated. I know what they mean now when they say someone has the patience of a monk!