Our time travelling visitors

15 February 1570


What a day I had today! My head was throbbing as I tried to entertain the little ones. Nurse was in bed sick with toothache. The older ones were very good and interested in the story I was reading. But it was too complicated to hold the attention of the other ones. They were pulling my arm wanting me to play with them but how tired I was! It has rained for days and they are so fed up of being inside.

Then something close to a miracle happened. A girl and a boy arrived close to my Richard’s age. In their arms they had boxes of toys. Things like this just do not happen! The told me the most marvelous story about their time traveling. I am not sure I believe all this magic but so relieved was I to have the children entertained (why question a good thing?)toys!

They told how they had come to this year 1570 whilst trying to get to the Spanish armada and their time traveling vessel had veered off course. They decided to take a look around whilst they were here. Walking passed our house they saw my family and me through the window. They decided they felt sorry for the children and went back to the future to visit their neighbour who owned an antique shop. Mrs Owain was a little old lady who knew a thing or too about old things, She had taken them to an auction where they bought the two boxes filled with old toys.

My family are so happy and my headache has completely gone!