Building Dinas Bran

7th May 1260

Castle buildingThe castle is really coming on but I have a problem. I could really do with some fine stone! The area is rich with limestone which I can use as mortar and the hill is made of shale from which I can build most of the castle but I need stronger sandstone for the structural work. It will be costly to buy and deliver the stone from further afield (I believe there is a place near Ruabon), and then I have to arrange the transportation up the hill!

This will be some construction job indeed however I will take advice from my friendly neighbours as this has to be done.

This morning I heard news from one of my messengers of finding some strange contraption in the fields below the hill, it appeared to be a vehicle of some sort of the like I have never seen before. I ordered my soldiers to go searching the surrounding areas and be vigilant of any strangers.

Some strange visitors

Luckily I did as this afternoon my soldiers captured two children dressed in clothes I have never seen before they appear to be the owners of the vehicle. After further questioning they explain they are from another time. I am suspicious of this as I do not care for gryffydd ap madocwitchcraft. They ask if we can strike a bargain. If they get me anything I ask for, I will set them free.

Aha now I know I will get them, how can they possible guess what I need!

I tell them I need tons of fine stone!

They do not seemed phased by this request and I am again suspicious. I agree to let them go if they return tomorrow with the stone. I know this is impossible but they have humoured me and made the last few days more interesting.

I am resigned to the fact I will not see these tricksters again.