Who we are

Meet the people behind the scenes!

Denbighshire CC

Fiona Dolben and the Tourism Team at Denbighshire County Council commissioned this project to make the medieval Denbighshire accessible to children. Through close collaboration we came up with the idea of two young time travellers who would travel through time and meet the people at the places they lived. The story would be reported back to the 21st century as they update their blog with their experiences and encounters as they move through history

Charles Kightly

Charles is an absolute gold mine of historical information, illustrating stories of the past with quirky, little known details. His experience working with young people and similar projects was invaluable when deciding on content and how it would be portrayed. After our discussions the main concepts were developed.

Jo Goigne

The cartoons have been created by Jo Goigne a Cartoonist from Belgium who has worked on similar projects with Charles.

Jo and Charles have worked closely to get the cartoons historically accurate. Accuracy lies in the details of the clothing, building materials and equipment and the landscape. But also in the expressions and mannerisms of the characters. You really want to get to know them!

Kate Watkiss
Web Design & Project Management

The design needed to be colourful and fun to appeal to kids.  To realise the project and bring all the elements together Kate chose to use WordPress. As one of the most flexible blogging software tools around, it allowed complete customisation, so the interface design and multimedia elements developed for the site could easily be slotted in to the word press engine.

James Roberts and Dave Wager
Flash Video Diaries

Jo Goigne’s lively characters and detailed landscapes are perfectly applied to interactive flash based stories. The importance of interactivity in engaging the user and also the pure enjoyment of the experience is well documented; Learning and understanding takes place when we are having fun.